Collaboration at Supersonic Festival 2010

Dear friends,

Thanks to all of you who made it to Supersonic, we hope you all enjoyed the show as much as we did! It was a challenge for all of us to put together our set with only 6 hours of rehearsal under our belts, but we were satisfied with the results.

Apologies for the technical problems which delayed us. 15mins for setup/soundcheck, mixed up channel lists and acoustic instruments which are difficult to mic up in such situations didn’t help!

To fill you in on what we actually played; we started off with the Iraqi Maqam Nawa, a straight forward rendition with ‘Ud and Violin improvs from me and the wonderful Timba Harris. Next I played the Buzuq in a composition we worked on specially for the collaboration based on the maqam Segah ending with a traditional Iraqi theme. And the last was an extended rendition of MMOB’s People of the Drifting Houses.

We played the Segah again last night at Corsica Studios and it has already started developing itself and begun to sound even bigger. Shame that we didn’t have more time to work together more, but we’re making plans for recording/more shows or both so stay tuned!!

A million thanks again to Lisa, Jenny, Sara, Sarah and all the Supersonic crew. Judging by responses it was a superb festival all round once again. Zeni Geva and Swans were devastatingly incredible. Still recovering and looking forward to the next one!!

I’m sure lots of photos and videos will pop up in the next few days, I’ll try to collate them here when I get a chance. If you have any photos or video please get in touch and add them to the Supersonic collective memory!

See you again soon Birmingham!!